Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Post Vacation Blues

We are back from a lovely two weeks in Florida, visiting with my dad, who recently had to have surgery on his shoulder, and also time with my husband's family as well as both of my sisters and their families and my mom. It was refreshing and relaxing, but at the same time a little bit of hard work--sunscreen, sand, eating, cleaning up the condo, etc. I did feel very relaxed there, though, without all of the everyday stresses that come with life at home with the usual chores. After the long drive home on Saturday night, we literally dumped all of our bags, laundry baskets, towels, toys, etc. near the front door of the house and collapsed into bed. After making such good progress before our trip, I looked around yesterday and felt very discouraged. Have you ever felt that way--the mess is really too big for me; there is no way I can get on top of things? It can be paralyzing! So I prayed about it, and then hunkered down a little bit to take a few more bites out of my mess. I can walk into the baby room and see a good portion of the floor, where before there had been piles of clothes to sort through. We also have most of our things put away from the vacation, and I was able to sweep and mop the floor. Slow and steady wins the race. I was inspired recently by a friend who said I helped her think of getting rid of most of her kids' unused clothing. She sent me an email later that week of the *26* trash bags FULL of clothes ready to donate!!! Wow! Now I am inspired by her to keep on going. My neighbor and I have set the date for a garage sale. I am inspired anew!! While in Florida, I did spend some afternoons writing blog posts, but was unable to post them from my condo for some reason, although we did have wi-fi. So, I will be sharing those posts on my blog in the next few days. I hope you all have a day filled with renewed HOPE in our glorious God, and be filled with JOY and inspiration to live your life excellently!

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