Saturday, October 13, 2012

Seize the Day

Recently, Todd and I attended two funerals in the span of 8 days.  Both funerals we celebrations of the lives of strong Christians who had passed away unexpectedly and what we would consider "prematurely."  Both of the funeral ceremonies were wonderful celebrations of lives lived well.  So many lives were touched by each of these two wonderful people who loved The Lord Jesus Christ so much.  I cried for them, for their families and friends who now have to navigate this life without them.  One of the people who passed away was a mother who has two teen aged daughters who will now have to go through the rest of their lives without her.  No mother to help them pick out their wedding dress or stand proudly as they exchange vows.  No mother to be there when they bring their children into the world, to hold her grand babies and carry around brag books full of pictures of them.  It is so very sad.  However, the hope and joy that was expressed by each of these two girls as they spoke at their mother's funeral was amazing.  They KNOW where she is and that someday they will see her again.  We listened as several people who had been touched personally by this sweet, Godly woman got up to speak in her honor.  It was humbling and very moving.  I was inspired to live my life with even more intentionality, to reach out more, to look beyond myself more, to live an excellent life.

The other funeral was for a man who is our parents' age.  He was in good health, as far as anyone knew.  He passed quickly from a sudden heart attack.  Last Sunday, his funeral was a wonderful celebration of his life.  I wept with his sweet widow, who will now face life without her wonderful, Godly husband.  How lonely she will be.  I wept as their daughter read a beautiful letter written by her sister, whom the family lost to cancer just a couple of years ago.  The deceased daughter's letter was full of honor and love for her father.  Now they are together in heaven.  It was heart-breaking yet beautiful.  I listened as many people got up and told funny stories about this Godly man.  His life was a testimony to His Savior.  He was retired, but he was always working and serving in the church.  I admired him, even though I didn't know him very well, really.  I am honored I was able to know him for a short time and that I was able to be touched by his life.  He always winked at our rambunctious little boys when we would see him at church or Wednesday night fellowship.  Again, listening to the people who spoke in his honor, I was inspired.

Both of these events were sad and sobering to me, but beautiful at the same time.  I have a renewed appreciation for the saying that "our lives are but a vapor."  We are here on earth for only a fleeting moment.  No one ever knows which day will be our last.  As for me, I plan to be way more intentional about keeping up with my parents, siblings, and loved ones who aren't near by.  I plan to throw "school" out the window a little more often and just enjoy my children.  I plan to be more intentional about spending time with my friends.  I plan to bless my most amazing husband each and every day, and never take him for granted.  I don't want to have any regrets of having missed time or phone calls with these dear ones and then suddenly they might be gone.  I will be praying for energy and stamina to live my live fully for others, to the touch lives of all around me with the love of my precious Jesus.  I want to live my life to the fullest TODAY because today may be the only day I have left here on earth.  Would I rather pursue what is vain or unimportant, or spend each moment I can with those who are the most important, or serving together in the name of Jesus so my life will make a difference?  I want to live each moment with purpose!

And I will pray that I can leave this life whenever my time comes ready and prepared to meet my Savior so I will hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

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